Hanna's shopping spree cums to a messy cost!

Hanna's whoring out is getting so out of control that her parents decided to go away for a weekend to regroup. The little slut immediately got on the phone with her sugar daddy to plan a little shopping spree on the boulevard. After browsing through dresses for hours and grabbing a bite, Hanna reckoned it was time to reward her sugar daddy. She brought him back to her room and quickly slid her hands under his underwear to pull out his dick. The old pervert started eating her little ass out, his white goatee tickling her tight snatch. When she was wet enough, he shoved his thick cock and fucked her hard, pulling her hair, grabbing her throat, until he came all over her tummy. He might have some explanations to give his wife about the credit card bill, but it was all worth it!

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